Everybody has something to hide.
I did it on my website.


Here you can take a look at some of my works. Please let me know if you like them - or not - .

Who am I

One of the hardest questions I ever asked myself.
I love to write about everything. Actually I count 16 17 18 diaries.

I love to think that I’m able to be a happy man. Waking up and going to sleep with a smile. While this is really hard to achieve, I feel like I’m doing well. One step at a time. I love advertising, - every – single – part – of – it. I’ll never stop trying to reach the most creative solution for a technical brief. A post? No problem. Banner? Love it. DEM? Wow, I’ve done so many of them that I have my personal top 10 favourite Subject Lines. Radio? I love it. Websites? My swimming pool. TV? Someday I’ll be a scriptwriter, so yes! Print? I love to find new ways to bring attention. Other than that, I love human beings. Well, I can actually hate a single person, but talking generically, I love to think on how to catch their interests with the most epic and simple idea. My professional ambition is to create something like “The Earth Hour” or “Follow the Frog”. My personal ambition is to write a novel, a book of poetry and to be the scriptwriter of a great movie –but this in a very far far far future-.

  • Ability to find

    informations online about YOU.

  • Enthusiasm

    for every brief.

  • Typos

    you can find in my drafts.

  • Interests and passions

    about the world and whoever lives in it.

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My superpowers

Everybody has some. I think I'm satisfied by mine.
Too many bad ideas

Yes I have them. Too many. Like, every single minute I have at least one bad idea. But take it statistically: there has to be at least one good idea in that bunch of shit. And every day I am looking for that one.

Always happy :)

When I wake up. When my boss rages at me. When that girl tells me -no-. When I find 20 cents on the floor. When I am overloaded of work. When I have nothing to do. I am always happy. I think it is more a mindset than a super power.

Ideas for cash

My dream brief? To find a creative way to make money! I would just open my block-notes full of this stuff. No gambling involved – not so much – .

No sleep needed

Think about it: when you remember a dream, you remember just the last 5 minutes of it before awakening. So why sleep 8 hours? Plus, you could have so many experiences during the day. Seriously, I love sleeping. Sundays usually I sleep ALL day, that’s why the other ones I can sleep a bit less.

My bosses

I am convinced that what influences mostly a creative's career are the leaders who shape his working mindset. That's why I want to present you the guys that somehow had an impact on me:
Stefano Perazzo
Head of Digital & Social Media @ Tribe Communication
Stefano is for sure a 360° guru of Social Media and Digital Media. With him I’m giving Pepsi and Sector an original voice, having fun finding every time the perfect idea.
Luca Della Dora
Marketing&Innovation Director – Editorial Director @ We Are Social / Contributor @ Wired
Luca is like a warlock of editorial. His presence often changed a whole project from normal to wow. First boss ever that I can call ‘a friend’. Wish him the best.
Emanuele Viora
Digital Creative Director @ Proximity BBDO – DLV BBDO digital department
Emanuele has been the one who inspired me in working hard and to love this job. He has been able to let me enjoy all the types of a copywriter work. From the editorial plan, to the realization of big digital projects. I am really in debt with him for all the things he teached me.

Connect with me

If you want just to chat, add me wherever you want!

Feel free to ask me anything.
I have vodka and gin.

No seriously, if you are in Milan let's take a shot or two.